Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some questions about Uniqly, our products, or others? You are in the right place! Check our FAQ to find out answers to the most popular questions.

General enables creators, artists and brands to bridge physical and digital experiences. We provide the platform to launch next-layer e-commerce stores, fully automated, no-code solution where each physical product is sold through NFT with the possibility of redeeming to different metaverses. The all-in-one solution to start, run, and grow an e-commerce business.

With Uniqly you can:

  • Create a fully customizable store via Store Generator - own an e-commerce space in the web3 environment. Sell NFTs backed by the real-world items,
  • Trade NFTs - buy and sell NFTs available in digital and physical form,
  • Resell NFTs that you already own on the secondary market,
  • Get physical version of your NFTs - own items both digitally and physically,
  • Redeem digital wearables to Decentraland metaverse (other apps and AR coming soon!).

Uniqly is for everyone who wants to start e-commerce store with their own collection of clothes backed by NFT technology.

  • If you design clothes or you have your own merch and want to enter web3 space - Uniqly is for you!
  • If you have a community and want to attract them by adding a new proposition value like unique merch - Uniqly is for you!
  • If you are a brand or artist and want to print your work on clothes without thinking about manufacturing and delivery then Uniqly is for you!

We provide an infrastructure - a smooth and seamless way to launch collections for various entities and individuals from many industries starting with crypto & NFT projects, fashion brands, DAOs, NFTs & digital artists, content creators, YouTubers and many more.

We don’t limit access to our platform only to the crypto space. As we operate on the edge of digital and physical space, our goal is to attract mainstream brands to the NFT movement, and at the same time, offer them the benefits of this revolutionary technology. We are actively exploring web2 applications by bringing our technology to existing merchants and fashion brands.

Uniqly offers a wide range of collaborations:

  • Create a Premium Store - If your needs exceed our two standard tiers like Production by Seller or Production by Uniqly stores available to create via Store Generator, Uniqly can create a Premium Store for you. If you’d like to have 3D mockups of your products, add scannable NFC tags to the physical products, get an option to redeem items to Decentraland or need promotional materials to support your store, Premium Store option covers all of these.
  • Custom Solution - If you’ve got an out-of-the-box idea, we’re ready for it! Unique projects, custom software solution, exclusive merches & drops and much more. Stores are great, but what if you’d like to create something completely different? The answer is: Yes we can!

Contact us here if you’d like to start a collaboration.

The entire process is really easy!

  1. Choose your favorite store on “Stores” tab.
  2. Choose the number of items that you’d like to purchase.
  3. Choose the payment method:
    • Crypto - pay with one of many available tokens,
    • FIAT - pay with credit card.
  4. After you complete the transaction, you will find the item on your wallet and “My Items” tab .
  5. You can redeem the item to its physical or metaverse version. Resell on the secondary market anytime, check Marketplace or go directly to OpenSea.


Stores are the gateways to launch your own collection of phygital NFTs which your community members can visit anytime and buy your products.

Stores enable your community to mint NFTs and redeem their physical versions.

Having your own Store may be a very attractive option that potentially could bring various benefits to you, your project, and your community. Here you can find some of the benefits:

  • Start you business in less than 10 mins,
  • Earn by selling every item,
  • Smooth and low-effort launching process,
  • Add own ERC-20 token as a payment method,
  • Create flexible requirements to allow to purchase your items,
  • Allow users to buy your NFTs via many crypto tokens or FIAT payments,
  • International shipment,
  • An innovative form of marketing,
  • Access to digital wearables in multiple metaverses,
  • Metaverse parties to celebrate and hype the launch of the collection,
  • All real-world matters handled by Uniqly.

There are 2 types of Stores that you can create on Uniqly via Store Generator:

  • Production by Uniqly - allows you to sell customizable T-shirts and hoodies. Uniqly takes full responsibility for the production and shipping of the redeemed physical items to your clients.
  • Production by Seller - allows selling any kind of products. If you have already physical items that you’d like to sell as NFTs or would like to manufacture them yourself - that’s the option for you. Remember! You are responsible for the production and shipping of the redeemed physical items to the clients. Uniqly does not take any responsibility or store owner’s failure in manufacturing or delivery. Check our Terms and Conditions.

If your needs exceed 'Production by Uniqly' and 'Production by Seller' Stores, check out the Question

Are there any other forms of collaboration with Uniqly?
and find out what Uniqly can do for you.

If you’d like to create your own store, good news, it’s just a couple of clicks away! All you need to do is fill a simple form. Click here to go to the Store Generator.

Detailed instructions:
  1. Choose 1 of 2 Store types: “Production by Seller” or “Production by Uniqly”. If you have your products already and you are able to send the physical items to the clients, choose “Production by Seller” type of Store. If you would like to design your products and pass the responsibility to produce and ship physical products to Uniqly, choose “Production by Uniqly” type of Store. When choosing “Production by Uniqly” type of store, you will get 3D models of your items free of charge!
  2. Establish your brand by defining the Store details - choose the Store type, preferred networks and tokens, social media links and add your metadata.
  3. Upload your designs to match your branding and make your Store look awesome!
  4. Define the requirements that determine the users' ability to purchase your products. You can limit access to your NFTs to NFT holders, token holders or/and whitelist.
  5. Add up to 3 products to your store. Remember to add designs with at least 300dpi resolution. If you'd like to add more products, you can contact us here, continue filling the form and we will prepare a custom solution for you.
  6. Create your smart contract with just one click and establish your credibility on the blockchain. You will have full control on your own collection. No coding skills required!
  7. Use the Domain option - make your store visible on your website! Stores can be Embedded or Subdomain - you choose.
  8. Set the Store duration - it can be any choice from 1 to 12 months.
  9. Once you fill all the data, complete the payment on blockchain or with FIATs. After the payment, you can still manage the store and edit the details.
  10. Store launch is only possible once the payment transaction is completed.
Remember that:
  1. If you need more time to rethink any step, you can always go back to edit the store by clicking “My profile” → “Edit Store”. You can save and edit the form at any time.
  2. Payment for the store is possible only after completing all the required data.
  3. NFTs are minted shortly after they're sold. You won't need to pay the gas costs for minting unless someone buys your work.
Yes! You can:
  • Define your Store Name and URL,
  • Choose available networks and preferred payment tokens,
  • Add links to your social media,
  • Upload store avatar or optional background,
  • Specify requirements to buy your items,
  • Add your own products ('Production by Seller' type of Store) or design a T-shirt or Hoodie ('Production by Uniqly' type of Store) with our merch generator,
  • Deploy your store smart contract (no coding skills required!),
  • Specify the selling period.

Once you complete the Store Generator, you will get to the “Payments” section. Complete your contact details, specify the dates when the store is live on and when the sale starts, define the time period that you'd like to pay for (1-12 months) and choose your payment method:

  • FIAT - pay with credit card. If you choose this payment method, you will see a gateway to complete the payment. Fill in your e-mail, phone number and SMS code. Then, you'll get redirected to the site on which you can choose your payment method and fill all the information. Once the payment is completed, you'll be taken back to our site.
  • Choose network and payment token and click and use MetaMask for further payment. Our available networks and tokens - Ethereum (ETH, USDC), Polygon (Matic, WETH), BSC (BNB). You can also add any ERC-20 token on Ethereum, Polygon or BSC network.

The payments are made upfront for a chosen period of time. Once the period ends, the store will no longer be visible on website and its URL will expire. As soon as we receive the transaction, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with all your Store details.
Once your transaction is completed, your Store will be published and the sale will start on the dates specified in field “Dates”. You can always preview your Store on “My Profile” → “My Stores”, even if the Store has not been published yet.

You can create a Store for any period of time between 1 month and 1 year. If you decide to extend the Store period, you can always do it by clicking “Edit Store” button on “My Profile” page, going to section “Payments” → “Summary”, specifying the time period that you’d like to extend the Store for and completing the transaction by clicking “Save and Pay”.

Yes! Your Store will be available on Uniqly website on tab “Stores”. Your merch site can be also accessed directly from a domain that you own or as an embedded solution (in the form of an iFrame).

All you need to do is go to the “Domain” tab in the Store Generator and choose preferred option: Embedded or Subdomain. The URL will be generated automatically.

For store duration of 1-10 months, each month costs 0.05 ETH + VAT (specified for your country). If you pay for the whole year upfront, you pay only 0.5 ETH + VAT (specified for your country) and get 11th and 12th months for free!

If you’d like to add any other ERC-20 token on Ethereum, Polygon or BSC network than what’s already available (ETH, USDC, MATIC, WETH, BNB), each additional token costs 0,1 ETH.

While completing all steps in the Store Generator, specify the Collection Name, Token Symbol and Wallet Address in the tab “Smart Contracts”. The wallet address that you provide will be the address to which we will send all the revenues from the store's sale. Funds will be transferred by smart contract directly to your wallet with each completed transaction in the store.

By default you can sell up to 10 products on your Store, each with an unlimited number of items. If you’d like to add more items to your store, you can do it by contacting us. Meanwhile, continue creating the store and we will add your extra products.

2 payment methods are available on Stores:

  • Each purchase of more than 5 USD can be made with FIATs by credit card.
  • You can choose network(s) and payment tokens required for payments on your Store: Ethereum (ETH, USDC), Polygon (MATIC, WETH), BSC (BNB). You can also add any ERC-20 token on Ethereum, Polygon or BSC network.

Transaction fees + VAT associated with Mint and Redeem transactions might occur depending on a specific campaign period.

Regardless of the selected payment network all NFTs are minted on Polygon.

Yes, copyrights are a crucial element that all users need to take into consideration. It is forbidden to create projects and designs with any assets that you do not own the copyrights to and all potential consequences will be charged to the creator of the project. Uniqly after recognizing an undesirable behavior can immediately delist any store which does not suit our Terms and conditions.

No, you don't need to sign any documents to create a Store. All you need to do is accept our Terms of Use in the last step in the Store Generator.

You can play with our Store Generator as much as you want before you publish it. If you create a Store via Store Generator and don’t pay for it, you can always go back to edit your Store by clicking “My Profile” → “My Stores”. The Store will be listed on “My Stores” and will have a red flag assigned to it on the column “Paid”. It will not be visible on our site and will be in the edit mode.
Once you decide that your Store looks perfect, you can go to the tab “Payments” in the Store generator. Specify the dates on which you’d like your Store to be published and the date when you’d like to start selling your products (these don’t need to be the same dates, we know that you might want to promote your Store first before you start selling!). Go to the part “Summary” and complete the transaction.
Remember, the date when you complete the payment doesn’t need to be the date on which your Store will be live. Store Publication Date and Start Selling Date are defined in the tab “Summary” → “Dates”.

Store costs 0.05ETH/month for maintenance (if you pay for 1 year upfront, you’ll get 11th and 12th month for free!).
Uniqly charges 5% + VAT (depending on the country that Store Owner is from) from each mint and redeem transactions. The transaction fee is deducted from the final price for the User, so the price set up by the Store Owner in the tab "Product" → "Price" (in both Production by Seller and Production by Uniqly Stores) and "Product" → "Shipment" (in Production by Seller Stores) is the value that the Store Owner gets for minting and reedeming the product. When submitting the Store Generator , the values with Uniqly fee + VAT are updated automatically, so you'll always see what the final price for the users is and how much Uniqly will charge for the transactions.

Base production costs $14.99 for a T-shirt and $39.99 for a hoodie and $5 for each print. They include all the costs associated with the production of the physical items. These costs are added to the price set out by the Store Owner in the Store Generator in the tab “Products” → “Price”. Let’s have a look at the example!
If you'd like to add front and back print on a T-shirt, the total production cost will be $24.99 ($14.99 + $5 * 2 for 2 prints). If you'd like to add three prints on a hoodie (front, back and sleeve), the total production cost will be $54.99 ($39.99 + $5 * 3 prints).
If you’d like to earn $30 for each hoodie that is minted on your Store, you need to set the price of the item as $30. Production cost ($39.99 + $10 if you upload 2 prints) is added to your price, so the price of the item will be $79.99 + Uniqly fee (5% + VAT). If you’re a resident of - let’s say - Poland (which is eligible for 23% VAT), the final price of the item will be $81.84, but if you’re a resident of the United States, the final price will be $81.49 (as there is no VAT associated with the transaction for this country).

Ordering physical items

So as to order a physical item, you need to mint it first. Check how to do it

Once the item is minted, go to “My items” page and choose the product that you’d like to order a physical version of.
On the “Redeem” part, choose “Physical” and click the button “Order”. Choose preferred size, fiil in your shipping details and choose the payment method: crypto or FIAT and complete the transaction.
Once the item is redeemed to physical, all you need to do is to wait for the delivery!
You can check all your physical items on “My Items” -> “Physical Items”. All the redeemed items will have a tag “Redeemed” and a new Attribute “Reedem: True”.

The shipping price includes the cost of the box and shipping. Shipping prices vary based on the chosen country of delivery and might be different in particular stores, depending on the shipping prices set by the Partners. The shipping cost of each item is usually between 0 and 50 USD, with exceptions for oversized packages and particular countries.

If you order more than 1 product within 5 days, you can decide to ship them in 1 box in order to reduce the shipping cost.

Delivery time depends on the country of delivery and usually takes 10-45 business days in 'Production by Uniqly' Stores. In 'Production by Seller' Stores the delivery time is established by the Store Owner.
Transaction fees + VAT associated with Mint and Redeem transactions might occur depending on a specific campaign period.

Yes! Any NFT that you redeemed to the physical version is still the NFT possible to resell on the market. It can be traded on marketplaces such as OpenSea. This NFT will have the attribute “Redeem - Physical” or/and “Redeem - Decentraland”.

Uniqly carries out international delivery to over 180 countries with courier services. The full list of countries can be found on the Redeem Form available on the Item Page on the “Redeem” section.

Not anymore! Recently we have added a new feature that allows redeeming up to 3 items in a single package if the redeem process is done within 5 days. By that, you can pay for shipping and packing only once and get up to three items in one package. This deducts the cost of redeeming for the two following items by the cost of delivery and the box.

Metaverse redeem

Currently the items on Uniqly are available for redeem to Decentraland. Sandbox, AR and others are coming soon! Redeem to Decentraland is only available for Premium Stores. If you’d like to create a Premium Store, contact us here.

So as to redeem an item to Decentraland, you need to mint it first. Check how to do it

Once the item is minted, go to “My items” page and choose the product that you’d like to move to Decentraland.
On the “Redeem” part, choose “Decentraland” and click the button “Order”. Fill in your nickname and e-mail address and click “Order”.
Your item will be ready to use in Decentraland within 72 hours and you’ll get the e-mail notification once the process is completed.

Once you receive the e-mail notification that your Decentraland redeem is completed, the item is ready to use! Log in to and your metaverse wearable will be available on your wallet. It will be displayed as a digital item available for your avatar. Choose it to define your Decentraland Avatar style and stand out of the crowd!

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