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Do you have some questions about Uniqly, our products, or others? You are in the right place! Check our FAQ to find out answers to the most popular questions.


Uniqly is a platform offering a wide set of products and services operating on the edge of the digital NFT space and the physical world. The key functionality is to create NFTs that are backed by real-world assets, and by that, to cooperate with brands, projects, artists and influencers to offer them a smooth way to participate in this innovative movement and create their own NFT collections backed by physical products.

Through our complex ecosystem of features and services, Uniqly provides a smooth and easy way to launch NFT collections backed by real-world assets. Core services that provide that functionality are Stores & Drops, Marketplace, Escrow, Redeem Module, and Generator. More info about Uniqly services can be found here.

Uniqly cooperates with various entities and individuals from many industries starting from crypto & NFT projects, DAOs, NFTs & digital artists, content creators, YouTubers to finish with mainstream brands and companies. Our goal is to connect various fields of the crypto space and of the mainstream market, and introduce them to the trend of phygital NFTs. If you have your own community and would like to create your own NFT collection backed by physical products, don’t hesitate to reach us on: [email protected]. We are open to new collaborations

Yes, as mentioned earlier, we are not limiting ourselves only to the crypto space. As we operate on the edge of digital and physical space, our goal is to attract mainstream brands to the NFT movement, and at the same time, offer them the benefits of this revolutionary technology.

UNIQ is the utility token of the platform. Its primary purpose is to serve as a payment method for products and services within the Uniqly ecosystem. Additionally, shopping with UNIQ on Stores & Drops has an additional 10% discount in comparison to any other ERC-20 token that was introduced to the platform. More information about how to buy, distribution methods and others can be found here.

Uniqly NFTs are characterized by the unique utility they give in comparison to all NFTs currently available on the market. Unlike any others, each of Uniqly NFT contain underlying physical item that can be redeemed by the owner at any time. By that, together with minting Uniqly NFT, the owner is always certain to have real-world, tangible assets linked to the NFT. This concept is recognized as phygital NFT, as it connects digital NFT with the physical products.

Backed by real-world assets mean that each NFT has a corresponding physical product that can be redeemed from the token at any time. As a result, Uniqly NFTs’ give full ownership over the underlying physical items.

Proof of Authenticity is a special traceability layer that connects the digital non-fungible token with the physical object. It is represented by a special pair of QR code and NFC pin fixed to the real-world items, linking them to the blockchain, and by that, achieving full traceability plus, giving transparency to the owner and insight over the history of the item. Thanks to linking physical items to the blockchain, owners receive an easy way to verify the authenticity of the object.


Stores and Drops are places where our Partners launch their own NFT collection backed by real-world assets with our support. The idea behind both is to offer brands, projects, influencers, and artists a smooth and low-effort way to launch their own NFT storefronts, where we take care of all organizational aspects like digital infrastructure, manufacturing of the physical items, and international delivery. The difference between those two is that Stores allows creating regular collections that can be available for a longer period of time, while Drops are a more exclusive, time-limited alternative.

Currently, only selected Partners may have their own Store on our platform. If you would like to apply please introduce us to your idea, digital or physical goods from which you would like to make a redeemable NFT collection by sending an email to: [email protected]. The long-term vision, however, is to open the process for a wider community and allow anyone to create their own collection, as long as they have a good idea and a plan for their own work to grow and improve on the Uniqly platform.

For now, each Partner is selected manually to build a solid base of verified collaborators and have some additional layers of protection from collaborators of questionable quality but we are really open for new partnerships. If you think that your vision fits perfectly to our platform, please reach us on: [email protected]. We would be happy to discuss it individually.

The first step to create your own Store is to contact the Uniqly Team and present your idea and the vision of your collection. Once approved, we will determine together all the various organizational aspects like pricing, quantity, division of the income or fee, designs, and other factors. When everything is established, we will collect all the assets and launch a new Store.

There is no fixed cost for the creation of the Store. The values are adjusted individually and may vary depending on your vision, product and other variables. Pricing is determined individually in the early stage of the discussion.

Having your own Store may be a very attractive option that could potentially bring various benefits to you, your project and community. Thanks to Uniqly, you can launch your own NFT collection that is backed by physical assets in an easy and secure way where we take care of all real-world matters, from the digital infrastructure to manufacturing and delivery. Thanks to that you can save your time and elaborate new strategies to monetize your content or art, and promote your project in an innovative way, while your community receives high-quality products.

Tokenization of existing products and creation of personal Stores due to mainstream market capability will be available together with the launch of our Escrow in Q1 2022.

An Escrow is the next product that will be implemented on Uniqly platform in Q1 2022. It will open the way to tokenization of existing physical assets in the form of NFT. Thanks to this particular feature mainstream brands and companies will receive a new way to participate in digital innovation and take advantage of NFT features like digital transfer and secondary market.

Yes, it is possible to add royalties to your collection.

Stores and Drops are not the only way to cooperate with Uniqly. There are various other ways to cooperate and create your own NFT collection based on your needs. Among the most popular ones we can distinguish claiming exclusive NFTs for owners of certain tokens (ERC-20) or NFT (ERC-721); airdrop for whitelisted addresses; big collections with randomized traits and others. If you have any idea for a collection don’t hesitate to reach us: [email protected].


Our Generator is a tool that allows you to design and generate your own product in the form of NFT backed by real-world assets. Currently the Generator allows the creation of individual items, however, creation of multiple products at once and even whole collections will be live soon. The tool is open for everyone.

The cost of making your own project in the Generator is currently 30 UNIQ.

Currently, only T-shirts are available. The range of products will be extended together with the development of the Generator. Incoming products are: hoodie, sweatpants, caps and others. More info to be announced in the future.

Yes, copyrights are a crucial element that all users need to take into consideration. It is forbidden to create projects and designs with any assets that you do not own the copyrights to and all potential consequences will be charged to the creator of the project.


The revolution of Uniqly NFTs' is the fact that each of them is backed by a real-world asset. This means that the owner of an NFT has the possibility to materialize it to form a physical product delivered to the chosen location. This is achieved through the Redeem Process.

It is a process where you materialize underlying physical items from the Uniqly NFT's. During it, you choose the size of the item, provide address of delivery and give a nickname that will be visible on blockchain explorer in the redeem transaction, confirming your ownership. Once it is done, Uniqly manufactures your unique item and delivers it right to your doorstep, while the NFT is being specially marked with information that the physical item is no longer available.

To start the Redeem Process you need to visit, go to the item page of the NFT that you wish to redeem and begin the process through the “Redeem” button. When it is started, users will need to provide all required data necessary to materialize NFT to the form of a physical item and deliver it to the chosen destination.

Usually delivery takes around 30 days after the successful completion of the Redeem Process. However, due to the fact that the users decides whether to redeem the physical item or not, each product is manufactured individually, same as the attached authenticity additions. As a result, the whole process can sometimes take longer.

The price of the Redeem Process is approximately 50 USD and it covers the cost of packaging, international shipping, and smart contract interaction where the user's nickname is saved in transaction data on the blockchain. However, as the payment is in a UNIQ the required amount of tokens can vary depending on its price.

Physical products are linked to the Uniqly NFTs’ through a special pair of QR codes and NFC pin fixed to the items. Those features serve as a Proof of Authenticity, where through a simple scan of QR code or tap of an NFC pin, the user is redirected to the NFT page and blockchain explorer where a redeeming transaction with the owner nickname is presented.

Currently, it is done through the change in metadata of the NFT, where the item receives additional attributes with the new date of redeem and nickname of the owner. The next steps will be the graphic interpretations placed on each item giving an easy way of verification.

Metaverse and AR features are not live yet. Currently, we are working on the alpha version of integration of Uniqly NFTs to the form of metaverse wearable. AR integration will begin in Q1 2022.

Yes, it will be possible in the near future. Currently, we are finalizing the mechanism of changing ownership after the redeeming transaction, which is necessary to implement that feature.

The first and core utility of Uniqly NFTs is the possibility to redeem the underlying physical item from it. Despite that, we constantly develop our vision and implement new features. As a result, we build the integration of our NFTs with metaverse and AR. By that, new features of our NFTs will be a possibility to claim from its corresponding metaverse wearable for their avatars. The next step in the pipeline is to generate digital objects for AR (augmented reality).


At Uniqly we have a dedicated “Physical” department responsible for the organization and delivery of high-quality products in cooperation with top Polish partners from the clothing industry. As a result, we do not need to manage the production on our own, having possibly the best physical products from the local industry leaders at the same time.

In order to produce a physical product from the digital version a certain workflow is needed. First of all, we prepare the design in a special vector format from the digital version to provide the top quality of the print on the item. Next step is choosing the appropriate material, depending on the type of design, to achieve the best effect for the end product. After that, the actual production starts. Once the product is manufactured, we attach to it the authenticity layer in the form of a pair of unique QR codes and NFT pin, linking the item to the blockchain. In parallel the physical certificate of authenticity providing additional verification is being produced. Last but not least, is special packaging of all products and delivery to the end user! This is how the Uniqly products are being made.

We provide international delivery to over 190 countries through the courier aggregator service that we cooperate with. The full list of countries can be checked in the "Redeem" section together with filling up delivery data.

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