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Uniqly is a platform that bridges the physical and digital gap with Wearables 3.0 where each token gives access to multiple corresponding items in different metaverses and AR apps, and real-world.

We provide a smooth and easy way for brands, projects, artists, and influencers to launch Wearables 3.0 Collections. The core of the platform are Wearables 3.0, NFTs that can be redeemed for the physical item, digital wearables in different metaverses and AR apps. Among other services and functionalities of the platform, we can distinguish Stores, Drops and Marketplace.

Uniqly cooperates with various entities and individuals from many industries starting from crypto & NFT projects, DAOs, NFTs & digital artists, content creators, YouTubers to finish with mainstream brands and companies. Our goal is to connect various fields of the crypto space and mainstream, and introduce them to the trend of phygital NFTs. If you have your own community and would like to create your own Wearables 3.0 Collection backed by physical products, digital wearables in different metaverses, and AR apps, contact us here. We are open to new collaborations.

Yes, as mentioned earlier, we are not limiting ourselves only to the crypto space. As we operate on the edge of digital and physical space, our goal is to attract mainstream brands to the NFT movement, and at the same time, offer them the benefits of this revolutionary technology.

UNIQ is the utility token of the platform. Its primary purpose is to serve as a payment method for products and services within the Uniqly ecosystem. Additionally, shopping with UNIQ on Stores & Drops has an additional 10% discount in comparison to any other ERC-20 token that was introduced to the platform. More information about how to buy, distribution methods, and others can be found here.

Proof of Authenticity is a special traceability layer that connects the digital non-fungible token with the physical object. It is represented by easy-scanning pair of QR codes and safe-to-wash NFC tags fixed to the physical items and linking them to the blockchain. Thanks to blockchain immutability you achieve a simple way to prove ownership of the item everywhere in the world.

Wearables 3.0

Wearables 3.0 is our new standard of digital fashion tokens that links the physical products with ownership proven on the blockchain and digital wearables in many different metaverses and in the future, AR. By that, through a single NFT, its owners receive access to the same corresponding items in various platforms and the physical piece.

On the front of Wearables 3.0, the mock-up visualizing the actual items is presented. This image reflects the look of the corresponding physical and digital versions that later on can be redeemed to a particular world.

On the back of Wearables 3.0 different worlds where the asset can be redeemed are shown. Among them, we can find the physical piece, various metaverses, or AR apps. The list will be extended together with the development of the platform and new partnerships.

As it is the visual mock-up, it shows the general esthetics of the product but the corresponding items in different worlds may a bit vary from a digital or physical counterpart due to various technical and physical limitations.

Example: Asset at The Sandbox will vary from the visualization on the Wearables 3.0 NFTs significantly, as The Sandbox is in voxel esthetics.

Wearables 3.0 gives access to various assets in multiple worlds. In order to get them, the owner of the Wearable 3.0 NFT needs to go through redeem process to get the physical item or digital wearable.

It is done by visiting the “Item Page” of the particular W3.0 token, choosing the specific world, and proceeding with the redeem process. Based on the fact which world has been chosen the process may vary and contain some additional payment.

Example: To redeem the physical item users need to provide shipment details and pay for the preferred delivery option, while for redeeming the metaverse wearables, the process is much faster and does not require any additional information or costs.

Wearables 3.0 is our answer to NFTs without real-world utility and the metaverse issue where each digital wearable is limited to one particular ecosystem. Currently, all metaverse wearables are bounded to one specific metaverse without a possibility to use it or transfer it to another world.

Thanks to the Wearables 3.0 format, its owners have certainty about the inherent value in the form of physical products in each token and access to multiple corresponding digital wearables in different metaverses and ecosystems.


Stores and Drops are the gateways to launch your own collection but they have slightly different characteristics.

Stores serves to launch long-term collections of essentials with no supply limit, or big quantity, which community members of our partners can visit anytime and buy classic Wearables 3.0.

Drops are more premium collections, with finite supply and time limitations. This makes it more exclusive and rare.

Currently, only selected Partners have their own Stores on our platform but if you believe that your community needs Wearables 3.0 Collection, here you can find the application form.

The long-term vision, however, is to open the process for a wider community and allow anyone to create their own collection, as long as they have a good idea and a plan for their own work to grow and improve on the Uniqly platform.

For now, each Partner is selected manually to build a solid base of verified collaborators and have some additional layers of protection from collaborators of questionable quality but we are open for new partnerships. If you think that your vision fits perfectly with our platform, please reach us at: [email protected] or fill out the application form.

The first step to create your own Store is to contact the Uniqly Team, present your idea and the vision of your collection. Once approved, we will determine together all the various organizational aspects of the Collection like pricing, quantity, fee, designs, and other factors. When everything is established, we will collect all the assets and launch a new Store.

Pricing and our fee are determined individually at the early stage of the discussion and may vary depending on the vision of the collection, the amount of workload that we need to provide and other variables.

Having your own Store may be a very attractive option that potentially could bring various benefits to you, your project, and your community. Here you can find some of the benefits:

  • Items available for crypto - you can choose the payment token,
  • Access to digital wearables in multiple metaverses,
  • All real-world matters handled by Uniqly
  • Smooth and low-effort launching process,
  • International shipment provided,
  • Each item with full Proof of Authenticity on the blockchain,
  • An innovative form of marketing,
  • Metaverse parties to celebrate and hype the launch of the collection.

Stores and Drops are not the only way to cooperate with Uniqly. There are various other ways to cooperate and create your own Wearables 3.0 Collection based on your needs. Among the most popular ones we can distinguish claiming exclusive NFTs for owners of certain tokens (ERC-20) or NFT (ERC-721); airdrop for whitelisted addresses; big collections with randomized traits and others.
If you have any ideas for a collection don’t hesitate to reach us: [email protected].


In order to redeem any items to physical, metaverse or any other form just visit the Item Page of the Wearable 3.0 token that you want to redeem. Next, choose the world, press Redeem and fill in the required information. After that, based on the world, the digital wearable will be sent to your wallet or physical item delivered to your chosen destination.

Usually, delivery of the physical item takes around 30 days after the successful redemption. However, due to the fact that the users decide whether to redeem the physical item or not, each product is manufactured individually, the same as the attached Proof of Authenticity. As a result, the whole process can sometimes take longer.

In terms of digital wearables, they are usually distributed within 72 hours since the successful redemption.

The price of the redemption depends on the world and the type of assets. For each physical item, there are two available redeem options regular and standard that vary in the user experience and the price. There is no one fixed value, however, as we offer multiple item types produced in different techniques.

Similarly, the cost of digital wearables my vary on the world and the collection.

The cost of redemption is always covered by the final user in UNIQ tokens. Please keep in mind, however, as the payment is in a UNIQ the required amount of tokens can vary depending on its price.

Not anymore! Recently we have added a new feature that allows redeeming up to 3 items in a single package if the redemption process is done within 5 days. By that, you can pay for shipping and packing only once and get up to three items in one package. This deducts the cost of redeeming for the two following items by the cost of delivery and the boxing.

This question don’t have one single answer, as we provide multiple items type that are made with different materials composition. Hoodie or T-shirt is obviously made with different materials than gaming chair or rug. Additionally, based on the vision and the design, different manufacturing techniques need to be implemented what may be equal to using different materials. In general, however, our essential T-shirts or hoodies are usual made with 100% cotton and our goal is to provide top quality ecofriendly materials for our products whenever it is possible.

It contains the physical item and the international shipment and, based on the redeem type, regular or premium box set.

Physical products are linked to the Wearables 3.0 (NFTs) through a special pair of easy-scanning pair of QR codes and a safe-to-wash NFC tag fixed to the items. Those features serve as a Proof of Authenticity, where through a simple scan of QR code or tap of an NFC tag, the user is redirected to the NFT page and blockchain explorer where a redeeming transaction with the owner nickname is presented.

Each Wearable 3.0 token has two sides - front and back. On the front, the visualization of the item is presented, while on the back is the list of all available worlds. In order to check if an item in a particular world is available, just enter the Item Page of the token and check the back if any world is crossed-out. If it is, that means that item in this world is no longer available.

Additionally, there is information on which assets have been already redeemed in the metadata of the Wearable 3.0 token that can be found on the Item Page.

Currently, you can redeem the physical item and Decentraland wearable from your Wearables 3.0. The Sandbox integration will be lived once the game will be released, while AR integration is planned for Q1/Q2 2022. Of course, more worlds will be added along with the development.

Yes, it will be possible in the near future. Currently, we are finalizing the mechanism of changing ownership after the redeeming transaction, which is necessary to implement that feature.


At Uniqly we have a dedicated “Physical” department responsible for the organization and delivery of high-quality products in cooperation with top local partners from the clothing industry. As a result, we do not need to manage the production on our own, having possibly the best physical products from the local industry leaders at the same time.

In order to produce a physical product from the digital version, a certain workflow is needed. First of all, we prepare the design in a special vector format from the digital version to provide the top quality of the print on the item. The next step is choosing the appropriate material, depending on the type of design, to achieve the best effect for the end product. After that, the actual production starts. Once the product is manufactured, we attach to it the authenticity layer in the form of an easy-scanning pair of unique QR codes and a safe-to-wash NFT tag, linking the item to the blockchain. In the end, products are carefully packed and delivered to the end-user! This is how Uniqly products are being made.

We provide international delivery to over 190 countries through the courier aggregator service that we cooperate with. The full list of countries can be checked in the "Redeem" section together with filling up delivery data.

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