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Our platform was born in response to a real market need. So far, NFTs have been limited only to the digital form with very few use cases in the real world. We decided to change it and contribute to the global trend of this revolutionizing technology by the creation of a complex set of tools for brands, projects, influencers and artists, linking NFTs and the physical assets, receiving full Proof of Authenticity on the blockchain.


We believe that NFTs will overtake the world. That’s why we have built an entire ecosystem with Stores, Marketplace, Redeem module and Proof of Authenticity on blockchain. Our long term goal is to establish our position as a global leader operating on the edge of the digital space of NFTs and the physical world and become the missing piece of the entire NFT industry and accelerate further expansion of this great trend.

Uniqly Ecosystem

Our cross-chain ecosystem was built in order to create a complex set of products working together to achieve perfect balance. This was made by creation of the core product - Stores, as its heart, and crucial tools like Marketplace, Escrow and Redeem Module without which its sustainable work would not be possible. The ecosystem is further expanded by the addition of Generator, UNIQ token and Genesis Physical Collection, extending the range of possibilities for our users.

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