To deeply understand the idea behind Uniqly, check our Mission, Vision and wider perspective of the ecosystem.

What is Uniqly? enables creators, artists and brands to bridge physical and digital experiences. We provide the platform to launch next-layer e-commerce stores, fully automated, no-code solution where each physical product is sold through NFT with the possibility of redeeming to different metaverses.


Uniqly team's mission is to build web3 first e-commerce platform where next-generation shopping experiences are taking place. We are enabling creators, artists, and brands to sell their fashion and lifestyle products through NFTs and unique storytelling ultimately redefining the e-commerce customer journey.

As a team we stand for NFT as technology that will transform and extend capabilities of many industries, changing the way we interact with products and our behaviors in digital space.


We believe that every asset will have its digital counterpart with the NFT technology behind it. We put confidence in the world in which every existing item has an additional layer of decentralised and secured information, providing users data, metrics, and history of the assets, augmenting the possible capabilities both in the real world and metaverses.

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