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Explore phygital NFT Stores of our collaborators and take your shopping experience to the next level!

Uniqly ecosystem

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Create store

Create a Store perfectly suited for you and list it on your site. Customize it to your needs, fit it to your style and sell your own NFTs. Choose the Store type: 'Production by Seller' or 'Production by Uniqly' and skyrocket your profits!

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NFC Tags

Add NFC Tag to any object and proove its autenticity with one tap of the phone. Take the phygital items to the next level!

Premium Store

If your needs exceed 'Production by Seller' or 'Production by Uniqly' Stores available to create via Store Generator, Uniqly can create a custom solution for you.

Custom Solutions

Uniqly offers end-to-end IT solutions. If you’ve got an out-of-the-box idea, we’re ready for it!

Why uniqly

NFT Store created in less than 10 minutes? Easy! Maximize your profits and get your own innovative e-commerce space.

Stores benefits

Create your Store in less than 10 minutes and start selling your items with all real-world matters handled by Uniqly. Enable your community to mint your own NFTs and order their physical representatives!

Create your Store and maximize your profits

Define your Smart Contract with our simple no-code solution and all the sales revenue on your Store will be transferred to your wallet address within minutes after each transaction.

Store types

Choose 'Production by Seller' Store if you already have products that you would like to sell as NFTs. If you’d like Uniqly to take care of producing and shipping the products that you design - choose 'Production by Uniqly' Store.

Store customization

Customize the Store to your needs: define its name and URL, choose Networks and Tokens, add links to your Social Media, upload graphic assets, specify requirements, add or design your own products, specify the selling period and rock it!

Easy like never before

Your Store is just a couple of clicks away! Fill a simple form and start selling. Click here to Create a Store.

Who are the Stores for?

Stores are for you! Everyone who wants to become an innovator in their field can create a Store through Uniqly platform. Crypto & NFT projects, fashion brands, DAOs, NFTs & digital artists, content creators, YouTubers - you’re all welcome.

Proof of authenticity

Uniqly extends the user experience by blending physical and digital assets and providing exceptional Proof of Authenticity in a form of NFC tags attachable to any object. Thanks to this technology all the customers buying our products can easily, with a smartphone, scan an NFC Tag and discover a new digital layer augmenting their experience. From now on, you can track all the digital fingerprints on any NFT. Build trust among your community and ensure the highest security.

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