The new, faster, and simplified Redeem Module is live! Visit your Item Page and materialize your favorite Uniqly NFTs to the form of the physical item.

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The first ecosystem where you can manifest digital NFTs in the physical world. Own unique NFTs from your favorite brands, projects, influencers and artists, which you can convert into a wide range of products, complete with Proof of Authenticity.

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Snipe unique items from our exclusive partners before they’re gone!

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Are you a brand, project, artist or creator looking for a unique way to showcase your products? Create your own customized and scalable storefront where you can list your collections in the form of NFTs. Our Stores let you take your collection one step further by allowing customers to convert their purchased NFTs into physical items with full Proof of Authenticity on blockchain, elevating your brand to the next level.


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NFTs and physical items in one place

Trade and exchange your unique digital items in one place, alongside big brands and well-known creators. Unlike any other NFT marketplace, each of the NFTs on Uniqly is backed by real-world assets with full Proof of Authenticity on blockchain, meaning you can redeem your owned NFTs into wearable or collectible physical items.

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Get your NFT as a physical items

Redeem Module is the gateway to materializing your NFTs into physical items with full Proof of Authenticity on the blockchain. You can use this tool to redeem your purchased and owned NFTs and manifest them into real-world products, which we will produce and deliver right to your doorstep.


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