Every ecosystem requires a token to achieve sustainable growth, here is where UNIQ appears/comes into action.

Buy UNIQ tokens on Uniswap

Currently, the only way to get UNIQ tokens is through Uniswap. Click the button below to jump directly into the pair on Uniswap or use DexTools to check the current price chart. Watch our quick video tutorial to find out how to get UNIQ using TrustWallet on mobile.

UNIQ tokens use cases


Commission discount on each purchase and sale on our platform in return for holding UNIQ tokens


15% of the profits from the platform are paid to UNIQ holders as ETH rewards


15% of the profits from the platform are spent on the buyback & burn of UNIQ tokens


UNIQ token holders receive more profits in our affiliate program


UNIQ tokens can be staked for special NFT rewards


Discounts on products and services when paying with UNIQ tokens"


Access to exclusive collection for owners of at least 10,000 UNIQ tokens


Option to highlight and promote auctions will be available only to UNIQ token holders


Tokenomics is a crucial element to understand the value of each cryptocurrency within its ecosystem. Check our whitepaper, to understand deeply the idea behind UNIQ.

Total supply

13M coins


Token Release Schedule

In order to manage the supply of UNIQ token after the presale, a special vesting mechanism was implemented. It lasted 20 weeks, starting in April and ending in September, where all UNIQ tokens from the presale were ready to claim. The rest of the UNIQ tokens for Development, Marketing, and Team will be unlocked gradually from now until February 2022.

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