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Space where you can launch your own NFT collection backed by real-world assets, metaverse wearables and AR objects with our support. No matter if you are a mainstream brand, crypto project, YouTube creator, Twitter Influencer, digital artist, NFT DAO or e-sport team this is a place for you. With Uniqly, you can smoothly launch your own NFT storefront, where we take care of all organizational aspects like digital infrastructure, metaverse integration and provide all real-world matters like manufacturing of the physical items and international delivery.


If you are a mainstream brand or a project Escrow is a space for you to tokenize your own products and services to the form of NFTs! Regardless if you offer clothing, luxury items, works of art, collectibles, wine, or other products, with our support you will be able to generate digital collections and benefit from all NFT features bringing your experience to the next level.


Our cross-chain Marketplace is a key element of the ecosystem that provides the infrastructure to freely trade NFTs within our platform, without a need to rely on any external marketplaces. Unlike any other NFT marketplace, each of the NFT on Uniqly is backed by real-world assets, metaverse wearables and AR objects. That gives you certainty about the inherent digital and tangible value of each item. This is what makes our product special in comparison to other platforms.


Redeem Module is the gateway between our NFTs and physical world, metaverse, and AR. You can use this tool to redeem your purchased and owned NFTs and manifest them into real-world products, which we will produce and deliver right to your doorstep, metaverse wearables for your digital avatar, and virtual items in AR. Each product is redeemable individually, and specially marked once used, making sure that each item is unique.


A cross-chain tool that allows you to design and generate your own product to the form of NFT backed by real-world assets, metaverse wearable and AR version. Do you have your favorite art, NFT, meme, company logo, slogan or any other piece of content that you hold copyrights? Put it on your customized project and mint it as NFT! Thanks to that, you can become the NFT clothing designer and create your very own collection which later on can be featured on your own Store!

Proof of Authenticity

The Authenticity layer in the form of a pair of QR codes and NFC pin fixed to each of our products is the crucial element of our ecosystem. This is the way we connect the real-world items with the NFT and the blockchain. Thanks to PoA, our products are not “just a merch” but something more.

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