Uniqly NFT Launchpad

Welcome to the first NFT apparel collection made by Uniqly!

The first uniqly redeemable NFT collection is LIVE!

Introducing our first edition T-shirt collection featuring crazy artwork and high-quality materials.

10 000 different designs are waiting to be claimed, each unique and randomly generated from a pool of dozens of different attributes! Some are cute, some are weird, shocking or super-rare. Every crypto enthusiast and degen will surely be able to find one that suits them and matches their style!

15% of all ETH raised in this sale will be used for buyback & burn of UNIQ tokens. Another 15% of ETH raised will be distributed to UNIQ token community as rewards.

This will be the first of many collections to come. It was designed from the ground up and made by us especially with our early adopters in mind. As such, these first edition NFT-shirts will always hold unique value, granting their owners extra style points as time goes by.

Don’t miss out on the whitelist to ensure you’ll be there as early as possible once the sale goes live!

The NFT you purchase will be immediately tradable and may be turned in (and burned) at any time in order to receive the corresponding physical item which you can then wear, display in a glass frame, or better yet, store in a vault! There will only ever be 10 000 first edition Uniqly NFT-shirts!

Just like first edition comics and rare collectibles, our limited-edition drops will always be exciting news for our community, as the uniqueness of the piece plus the amazing design and variety will give you the full value of an NFT art piece, plus the possibility of touching it with your own hands.

This is just the beginning! We plan to expand on both the variety of items, number of designs, color palettes, and maybe even the number of items released per drop. Collections made in collaboration with artists and well-known names are also right around the corner.

New features, clothing and collectibles will be released regularly, always making your UNIQ tokens work for you!

More coming soon...

Check if you are one of the lucky winners in our 10 ETH lottery! Each NFT-shirt you purchase increases your chances to win.Chainlink
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