Fanadise IDO

Bringing fans closer through the power of NFTs

Uniqly & Fanadise

We are proud to present Fanadise, the first project launched on the Uniqly Accelerator.

Fanadise is an exclusive content platform for influencers that brings the mainstream world to Uniqly. This unique platform closely cooperates with some of the top influencers, creating impressive marketing potential. Together with the partnership, Uniqly and Fanadise will share the influencer base.

This synergy will benefit both products. Fanadise will allow users to release special NFT-video content. Meanwhile, Uniqly will build on its established NFT merch and clothing collections made for influencers.

The joint effort of projects is mainly focused on developing partnerships with influencers – both potential and existing partners – and adding significant value in the process of extending the presence of both projects on the new channels.

The Uniqly and Fanadise alliance brings marketing activities to the next level.

Uniqly & Fanadise creators

Justyna Gradekmodel
Stuart BurtonYouTuber/Entrepreneur

About the project

Fanadise is an exclusive content platform created for internet influencers to monetize their social presence and bring interactions with followers to a whole new level.

While all news outlets from the past few years hid behind paywalls and started to get their fair share for the work they put into preparing the news, internet creators remained highly underpaid. Fanadise aims to change that - bringing so much more to the table.

Fanadise paves the path for influencers to monetize their content in many ways. It lets the community collect, buy, sell or stake NFT videos made by influencers, where Fanadise serves as a social entertainment platform that connects both worlds. Thanks to that, influencers have a unique possibility to monetize their content and benefit from their work.

More about Fanadise on official website of the project:

Fanadise pre IDO


Our bargain priced pre IDO has sold out, you can still register on Public Sale Round B on Fanadise website!


Swap amount

Price of the token: 0,06 USD


Pool Information

IDO start date

May 27th 2021, 3:30 PM CET

Min. Allocation

0.2 ETH

Max. Allocation

0.8 ETH

Token distribution model

10% unlocked on TGE, 30 days cliff, then 1% per day

Token distribution date

July 2021


120 000 USD

IDO Requirements

Whitelist Status

1000 UNIQ tokens

1 Uniqly NFT-shirt

Uniqly OÜ

Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Maakri tn 19/1-7K, 10145

Estonia Registry Code 14705916


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